Sydney Design Week 2011: Machines For Drawing

Machines for Drawing was a display of the analog drawing machines created by myself and my peers. We each exhibited our individual projects as well as boxes we created to draw a picture of the journey from our house to the studio. A series of wind-drawing machines were installed for real-time drawing production over the duration of the exhibition – an interaction between guests, the machines, the wind, and the site. The exhibition was curated by Nadia Wagner and Tega Brain. I acted as assistant curator and was responsible for all printing, the collection of projects and publications and preparing the space.

Exhibitors: Shannyn Brown, Kailtland Burrows, Shalyce Corney, Tahlia Heffernan, Yeunhee Kyoung, Giulia Mardaga, Katrina McMahon, Tsolair Nazarian, Victoria Norman, Alexandria Park, Caitlin Seymore-King, Alix Toufan.